About JWC

John Wentworth Chapin is a writer, editor, and teacher. He runs a university writing program in Baltimore. Another Month in Paradise, his memoir of two years living in a mud hut in a mountain village in Sri Lanka dodging bus bombs and cobras, is seeking representation. A novel-in-progress, Alexandrite, creeps along, as do several flash-fiction, nonfiction, and humor projects. His fiction, nonfiction, humor, and assorted detritus have appeared in Lynx Eye, Bridge Magazine, D-Town, Pure Slush, and Constellation.

John’s current literary project is A Baker’s Dozen: THIRTEEN EXTRAORDINARY THINGS, where he is co-founder and co-editor. John also co-founded and co-edited the fabulous 52|250 A Year of Flash.

John’s web presence consists of fiction, nonfiction, and squatting on various other domains in case he ever feels the urge to blog:

Link to John’s CV

Reach John at johnwentworthchapin@gmail.com.

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