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Bye-bye, A Baker’s Dozen

Michelle and I decided to pull the plug on A Baker’s Dozen. Good Republicans would have kept it going to months, keeping the respirator going, petting its head, cashing the social security checks. But we are terrible Republicans. In fact, … Continue reading

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Home again, home again

Serious rainstorms on the bay — took us all day to get the last 30 miles. Safely home by 8:30, well showered by 8:40, and happily relaxed with BooBoo and Joel at 9:00.

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But, quite frankly, we could use a good boat-soaking right now.

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Slumdog Millionaire: the aftermath

NC17 or PG13 warning or something. 4 men + 4 days + one overfull boat sewage tank = horrible. The cap exploded off when we went to empty the tank — a true Slumdog Millionaire moment. I was covered. Poor … Continue reading

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Turkey Point

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Heading west on the C&D canal in a very still pre-dawn. The suspension bridge of Rte 1.

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Chef Ted brought brontosaurus steaks for tonight. Commander Barrett and I disapprove of the marriage of open flames, waves, gin & tonic, and carcinogenic beef. Admiral Germain carries on.

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